Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide

Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide

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Do you have big dreams for your life?

But you feel stuck?

And you are sick of playing small?

Do you want to create change in your life -- real, long-lasting change?

And you are seeking for purpose and meaning in your life?

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If so, this beautiful Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide was created just for you.

It will help you:

  • evaluate all areas of your life;

  • know where you are unfulfilled and need to focus your attention on;

  • understand the importance of setting intentions before goals, and the difference between the two;

  • set beautiful, meaningful and powerful intentions with clarity;

  • get clear on how you want to feel -- so that you can start living those intentions NOW;

  • create heart-centered goal from that space.

This is a 20 pages fillable PDF with a beautiful and clean design created to support you and help you get clear on your intentions and goals so that you can start intuitively manifesting them into reality.

I created it because it is something that I actually needed and wanted. And I use this in my own life very often!

I typically do this work several times a year, at the beginning of a month or during the New Moon, when I want to recommit to my intentions or set new ones. It helps me energetically align with what my heart desires to easily and effortlessly manifest it into reality.

This document then guides me and reminds me of my truest, deepest intentions and desires so that I can take action.