Intuition in Business Masterclass

Intuition in Business Masterclass

44.00 88.00

This is for you if:

+ you have a business or you want to start your own business

+ you have had enough of the masculine approach to business: always forcing, pushing and trying to control everything until you are exhausted and burnt out

+ you crave to incorporate more feminine energy in your business,

+ want more ease and flow in your approach to business

+ you recognize the importance of intuition and want to know more about how you can use this power to guide you in your decisions

+ you want to serve the world in some way (help people, give back etc.) and want a heart-centered approach running your business

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This is a 44 minutes masterclass where we will cover:

  • What intuition is

  • How intuition works

  • How you can access your intuition now

  • How to use your intuition in your business and why it’s important!

  • The balance between Masculine and Feminine energies and how it relates to your business

  • How to create a successful heart-centered and spiritual business

  • How to release fears and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from success in your business