Sarah Lewis

1-1 Private Coaching


Become the Empowered Creator of Your Life & Leave Behind That Feeling of Stuckness for Good!

I know you have big dreams for your life.

But right now, you feel stuck in a rut. You feel paralyzed by:

- self-doubt

You don’t know how you will ever achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality, you are constantly second-guessing yourself and don’t trust yourself fully.

- insecurity

You don’t feel “good enough”, “smart enough”, “pretty enough”, “young enough”, “experienced enough” etc. etc.

And this keeps you from moving forward.

You compare yourself to others that have what you want and think that they may be more deserving than you or have something you don’t.

- and fear

You are afraid of failing, of getting hurt, of disappointing, of being judged and criticized, you are afraid of the unknown, of stepping outside your comfort zone, and afraid to stay stuck in your life as it is etc.

And all this keeps you playing small!

  • Instead of courageously chasing the career you really want -- the one with meaning, you tell yourself it’s not realistic.

  • Instead of finding a partner that accepts you for you, you settle for significant others that make you feel less than.

  • Instead of going after that dream of yours, you stand in your way and let fear block & control you.

While you have put all of this pressure on yourself to fit inside this box, to not rock the boat, you’re not happy.

And honestly, you are sick of feeling powerless..

I know that you really want to make a change so that you can start creating and living the life you want and deserve.

And it starts with leveraging the superpower inside you:

your intuition.



is that little voice inside of you always guiding you and gently pointing you in the right direction.

It’s that gut-feeling when something is right or isn’t.

It’s that “HELL YES!” or “HELL NO!”

It is clear, it brings you peace, ease and flow.

It is that deep inner knowing.


Trusting your intuition & trusting yourself is so important for you to create the life you want to live, to go after your dreams and turn them into your reality!

Because if you don’t trust yourself and your intuition, you will end up always feeling stuck, overwhelmed with self-doubt & second-guessing yourself.

You will stand in your own way, block your dreams and won’t live your best life.

And one day you will probably regret not listening to your inner guidance, trusting it and letting it show you the way.

But the good news is…

I am here to support you to:

  • get out of your own way,

  • clear your blocks and release your fears,

  • build a strong, loving and supportive relationship with yourself,

  • trust yourself fully,

  • step in your power,

  • unlock your greatest potential

  • awaken your intuition, connect to it daily, trust it and follow its guidance!

So that YOU can create your best life!




1:1 Coaching

I offer a signature 1:1 coaching package where I guide you and offer you personalized support for 3 months.

During this time together, we will dive in deep into your mindset about your current life to reveal the fears, insecurities, and self-doubts holding you back. And then I will support you in releasing them through powerful mindfulness tools, habit shifts, and more!

I will guide you towards building a strong relationship with yourself, which is the foundation to everything in your life.

Through this work, you will tap into your power, learn to access your inner wisdom, your intuition so that you can lead and create your life through it.


You will receive support with:

+ diving deep: finding the root cause of your fears and blocks so that you can understand your patterns;

+ releasing your blocks, doubts, patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and from moving forward;

+ reconnecting to and building a strong and loving relationship with yourself;

+ stepping into your power, gaining self-confidence, owning your truth and unique gifts;

+ finding clarity in the areas of your life where you feel stuck, lost, confused and overwhelmed;

+ activating your superpower: your intuition and starting to lead your life through it;

+ creating rituals/routines that feel good to you;

+ making healthier choices in your daily life in a sustainable way to nourish your body, mind and soul;

+ and much, much more


My signature coaching package includes:

  • A Pre-Program Questionnaire

  • My Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide (worth $11)

  • An Initial 60 minute Discovery and Intention Setting Session

  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • 1 x 60 minute Follow Up Session within 3 months of finishing the program

  • Unlimited Email or Message (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram) Support

  • 2 x 30 minute Emergency Sessions in between our scheduled sessions if needed

  • An Akashic Records Reading for you to ask any question about your soul, your life, your purpose and more! (worth $111)

Your investment: $1’250 for 3 months

(or 3 monthly payments of $450)

*all prices are in USD


If you’re ready to start living life in a way that feels empowering, on purpose, and liberating, this program was designed for you.


Let’s work together to make magic happen!

If you are interested in working together, please apply below.



What my clients say about working with me



“I found Sarah by way of a podcast and began following her on IG. After completing her intuitive type quiz and further browser through her website, I quickly felt I needed to pursue her as an Intuitive Life Coach. The rest has been three months of pure connection, learning and movement. Sarah is the sweetest soul who encourages you to dig deeper and discover for yourself the approach to improving whatever issues are being addressed with her guided support. I always looked forward to my time with her and am excited to remain connected and share more continue growth with her. I strongly encourage you to make a connection to Sarah, she coaches you by supporting you in coaching and healing yourself.”


"Sarah is a light in my life! When I connected with Sarah I felt completely stuck! She has helped me get out of my own way and realign with who I am and want to be. Sarah helped me let go of my need to control and just trust in myself while enjoying the ride. She’s easy to connect with and that really helped me open up so I could truly heal myself."


“I was feeling stuck and confused about the “correct” decision to make for myself, I kept overthinking and worrying about every possible scenario and lacked the clarity to actually make a decision with certainty.

Working with Sarah allowed me to find a way to overcome the perceived difficulties in the decisions I was facing and regain confidence in myself through letting go of fears that were limiting me and my happiness. It allowed me to not only reach a higher level of acceptance, but also to gain clarity and trust in myself.”


"Working with Sarah has been truly heart opening and transformational! She is incredibly loving, encouraging, supportive and intuitive - she always knew what I needed the most and how to guide me to get there. 

I was feeling stuck in my life, dealing with low self esteem and self sabotage. 

Sarah has helped me heal deep pains and release many inner blocks keeping me from being my best self. I have learned how to love myself unconditionally, how to turn inwards and listen to my inner guidance.Thanks to her coaching, I am now finally creating a life I truly love! I can’t recommend Sarah enough!"