8: Showing up in Love to Grow Through Life's Ups and Downs with Cassandra Eldridge


Hi loves,

I had such a beautiful conversation with Cassandra Eldridge who is a lifestyle photographer (she takes the most beautiful pictures), blogger & podcaster at The Calm Collective and I am so excited to share it with you!

Cassandra's story is very touching and relatable. Her vulnerability and authenticity make her so magnetic. And her strength to get back up and transform her life in a beautiful way after experiencing the most difficult times and even hitting rock bottom is incredibly inspiring.

This was a deep and beautiful conversation.

we talk about: 

  • Grief, heart break and hitting rock bottom 

  • Getting back up, the healing process and rising to new heights

  • Showing up in love and with love through life

  • Feeling all the spectrum of human emotions and growing through the ups and downs of life

  • How she manifested a soul aligned career in photography

  • Living from the heart space and how freeing it has been for her

  • The difference between ego and intuition

  • How her intuition was suppressed for very long and how she reconnected to it

  • What a game changer her intuition has been in her life and how it has saved her in so many ways

  • The role intuition plays in her business

  • How to show up on social media as a blogger and serve by sharing from your heart

  • How to not let social media consume you and have a mindful and heart centered approach to it

I hope you will love listening to it as much as I loved having this conversation.

In other news

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    Join the Facebook group to participate in the challenge, starts May 5th

  2. For those who really want to dive in deeper into this process, learn and implement all the techniques, do the deeper work of releasing the limiting beliefs holding them back, I will be leading a group coaching program for 5 weeks to really support you towards using your intuition to manifest your heart’s desires.

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