6: Protect Your Heart Space and Blow Your Mind Wide Open with Susan Hunt


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In this episode, I talk to Susan Hunt from LiveLightly.

Susan is a spiritual teacher and Buddhist. She lives in Taos, New Mexico  with her husband Dan and their wolf dog.

Sue teaches spiritually transformative workshops all over the United States. She is also a yoga therapist and teaches eastern philosophy, yogic practice, embodying the divine feminine and meditation in teacher trainings, national workshops and international yoga retreats.

Sue and her husband offer group and solo immersion retreats that submerge the student's body & mind in plant medicine, conscious consumption, mindful living, and spiritual practice with mind altering affects. 


And we cover: 

  • How she accidentally found yoga;

  • How she followed what she loved and turned it into her career;

  • The role intuition plays in her life and the resilience it took to reconnect to it;

  • How she let go of her deep seated fear and reconnected to her intuition to grow her relationship with her husband and her business;

  • The practice she uses to blow her mind wide open so that she's not the person holding herself back;

  • The importance of her practice to stay in alignment and live the life she loves;

  • The balance between the feminine and masculine energies in her life and business;

  • How her feminine energy was so giving to the point it was a drain on her own personal resources;

  • How to get started with meditation;

  • The kundalini practices she does daily to protect her heart and blow her mind wide open.


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Sue Hunt on instagram

Dan Jensen (Sue’s husband) on instagram

LiveLightly website 

Meditation for protection and projection from the heart

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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