5: The Key To Manifest Your Heart's Desires


Hi friends!

In this 5th episode, I give you the key to get what you want and manifest all that your heart desires.

It’s all about intuitive manifesting and energy. And I explain why you must become an energetic match for what you want for it to come into your life.

Intuitive manifesting goes further than just thinking the thoughts to make them happen into your reality.

In this episode I share:

  • Why thinking the thoughts to manifest your desires isn’t enough;

  • The importance of understanding that when you want something it’s all about how you want to feel;

  • Why detaching from the outcome and experiencing how you want to feel in the present is how you will make your desires happen;

  • The importance of becoming an energetic match for your desires;

  • Why being ok with where you are right now and loving your present experience is key to getting what you want;

  • Why it’s actually important to experience all kinds of emotions and feelings and why it’s ok to have all kinds of thoughts, not just the ones we consider “positive”;

  • Why intuitive manifesting is all about energy;

  • The reason why your desires might not be manifesting and what to do about it;

  • The importance of looking at your intentions behind your desires and only then setting goals and taking action to intuitively manifest your desires.

I also mention a guide I created to help you manifest intuitively and from your heart. It is the Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide. So if you feel called to it, you can get yours here:


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