29: The Secret Ingredient for Authentic and Thriving Relationships


In this episode I talk about:

+ the difference between egoic and authentic relationships

+ why relationships based on ego always lead to some kind of suffering

+ how you can make the shift to more authentic relationships

+ what happens when we enter a relationship to fill a void

+ why it doesn’t require much and is actually very easy to have more authentic relationships

+ the secret ingredient to authentic relationships that are healthy and thriving

+ the importance of communicating with others in relationships

+ why letting go of your expectations will make for happier relationships

+ if you share your truth from a place of love, it can only be respected

+ what happens when separation occurs in authentic relationships

+ the lessons we learn from people who trigger us the most and why we should be thankful for those people and relationships

+ soul contracts and what they mean

& so much more

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Books: A New Earth + The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (note: I mention in the episode that I read this in A New Earth, but it was actually in The Power of Now - that’s what happens when you read more than 1 book at a time!)

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