26: How to Use Intuition and the Mind in Harmony with Verity Brown


Hello friends,

This week I talk to Verity Brown from the SEASALT plan and I’m very happy to share this conversation full of beautiful messages with all of you.

Verity Brown helps female business owners put themselves on their to do list as she believes the secret to a beautiful business and life is working on yourself first. She takes women from drained, unhappy and lost to clear, balanced and joyful with her 90 day bespoke 121 program. Having worked in marketing for over a decade, Verity founded the SEASALT plan (Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today) 2 years ago and has ever since been helping women reprogram their mind for happiness and success.


in this episode we talk about:

+ how to use intuition and the mind in harmony

+ the power of the mind

+ how to heal your heart (from heartbreak, grief and trauma)

+ how to find true love

+ why you need to do the inner work to find a partner and have a healthy relationship

+ why it is so important to work with the subconscious mind

+ how the name of her company the SEASALT plan came to her

+ why defining what happiness means to you is so important in your life and business

+ how her conditioning blocked her from her intuition for many years

+ her journey to connect to her intuition again and how it changed everything

+ why women are naturally more intuitive

+ how she balances mind and heart, strategy and flow

+ the importance of removing blocks and limiting beliefs to trust yourself again

+ knowing when it's time to get support (from a coach or healer) and when it's time to do the work yourself

And so much more!


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Book: Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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