17: How to Create Anything You Want in the Second Half of 2019


Happy Monday loves and happy July!

As we step into July, the Summer (or Winter) solstice is behind us and we are now officially half way into 2019!

This is a solo episode, and it’s a little bit of a channelled (not prepared) message from my heart. Maybe I’ll call these episodes Magic Monday Moments - what do you think?

In this episode I share

+ the balance between free will and destiny

+ reevaluating where you are in your life now that we are officially half way into 2019

+ the lessons you need to learn

+ how to create what you want and birth your dreams and desires in this second part of 2019

+ planting the seeds for your desires & watering them

+ the need to find balance between taking action and surrender

+ a reminder that you can create the changes you want if you commit to it daily

+ trust and surrender in yourself and life

+ the importance of using your intuition to guide you through it all

& more!

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Show Notes

Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide - a tool for you to consciously set intentions and goals and reevaluate where you are in your life

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