16: Increase Your Self Confidence with Kirsten Morrison

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Hi my friends!

In this week’s episode I share a conversation I had with Kirsten Morrison.

Kirsten is a Confidence Coach from Brisbane Australia. She guides women with a desire to create an impact and break up with self doubt so they can get unstuck and gain clarity, get off the comparison train, stop worrying about what others think and activate core confidence to make it happen!

in this episode we talk about: 

+ How she spent a big part of her life searching outside of herself for the answers

+ and the shift that allowed her to realize she has all the answers within

+ The trip that changed her life and allowed her to find her purpose

+ The powerful lesson that losing her Dad taught her

+ The power of Breathwork, how it clears the body of trauma and stored emotions and how it is a transformative tool

+ How to expand your comfort zone

+ Building trust with yourself to increase self confidence

+ The importance of being true to you, your values and voice and What to do when something is not in alignment

+ Why it is your responsibility to step in your light

And so much more!


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Show notes:

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