14: How to Start a Spiritual and Heart Centered Business with Ruby Lee


Hi my gorgeous friends!

In this week’s episode I share a conversation I had with the amazing Ruby Lee!

Ruby is an online business coach and she helps early stages entrepreneurs start their side hustle and scale it. She is also a Linkedin queen and was recently featured in Entrepreneur! How amazing is that?

I love Ruby and here energy and this conversation was so so epic!

Just a little disclosure: I had a bit of a technical issue during our call. It dropped near the end and messed up my recordings. Thankfully I had a backup recording, but the quality isn’t the best. I apologize for that, but I honestly think this conversation is so good, it doesn’t matter!

in this episode we talk about: 

+ how Ruby followed her intuition to start her side hustle

+ her story from side hustling to her now very successful full-time online business

+ becoming a digital nomad - a dream of hers

+ embracing spirituality in business

+ how hiring a spiritual life coach transformed her business

+ the shift happening in the world and in business around spirituality

+ feminine and masculine energies in business

+ what happens when you are out of balance and out of alignment and don't listen to your intuition in your life and business

+ the rituals that help her as a digital nomad

+ intermittent fasting for clarity and focus

+ her key tips to start a heart centered side hustle

And so much more!


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