13: Healing our Internal Masculine and Feminine Energies


Regardless of our gender, we are all made of masculine and feminine energies. However, over the years, the feminine has been disrespected, dishonored and dominated by the wounded masculine and the patriarchy. Looking at the energies within us and trying to balance them by reintegrating and embodying more of the feminine energy is the key to much healthier relationships and a more balanced world! Both masculine and feminine energies have an unhealthy, wounded aspect and a healthy, divine aspect. It is up to us to step into more of the divine masculine and feminine. The shift is happening, the feminine is rising and we all have the power to step into the highest expressions of ourselves.

In this episode I share

+ what are the masculine and feminine energies

+ unhealthy/wounded masculine dominant world and patriarchy

+ moving from the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age

+ the rise of the divine feminine

+ qualities of the divine/healthy masculine

+ qualities of the divine/healthy feminine

+ qualities of the wounded/unhealthy masculine

+ qualities of the wounded/unhealthy feminine

+ why balancing and healing masculine and feminine energies within us is the key to better relationships and a better world

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Show Notes

Blog post: Healing our Internal Masculine and Feminine Energies

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