12: Not Letting Fear in the Way of Our Dreams with Shelby Kulzer


Hey friends!

Last week, I had a conversation with Shelby Kulzer. Shelby is a registered dietitian as well as a life and wellness coach. We connected over on instagram and really clicked. So after the first conversation we had, where she interviewed me for her podcast Raise Your Vibration, I asked her to come over for another epic conversation on Heart Space!

in this episode we talk about: 

+ how she knew she wasn't on the right path working as a registered dietitian

+ childhood wounds & inner child work + why it’s so important

+ the importance of doing the inner work when it comes to manifesting your desires

+ the role of the subconscious in manifestation

+ her favorite tips to manifest

+ not letting fear in the way of your dreams & allowing the fear to be there but going after your dreams anyway

+ how it feels like to live in alignment and her tips to be more aligned

+ how to protect your energy from energetically draining people

And so much more!


Listen to this episode:



Or listen below: