10: Softening in the Face of the Uncomfortable With Bridget Jane


In this episode I had a conversation with the amazing Bridget Jane. Bridget is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner. She has recently moved back home to New Zealand after spending the last 5 years in Barcelona. She works with women to create clarity and cultivate breakthroughs during energy healing and intuitive transformation sessions.

She is a nature lover, travel junkie and manifestation expert that is passionate about all things mind, body, soul and living a mindful, non toxic lifestyle. 

Bridget is committed to creating a ripple effect of happiness and healing by helping others understand there is more than one way to medicate, educate, live and love!

I hope you will enjoy this conversation!

in this episode we talk about: 

+ the beautiful story of how she manifested her husband

+ her favorite tip to manifest that is often overlooked

+ darkness & light and how they are both needed

+ how to learn from the difficult experiences

+ how she ended up in the hospital after ignoring her intuition

+ how Reiki found her and cracked her open in every single way + made her think about everything she had believed in

+ being ok with the uncomfortable

+ spiritual bypassing

+ chakras

+ the gentle way Reiki brings things up to the surface so that you can see what's going on and deal with it

+ hardening vs softening in the face of the unknown and the uncomfortable

+ how she balances her feminine vs masculine energies

And so much more!


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Show notes:

Bridget on Instagram

Bridget’s website

Music Meditation to Manifest: Bighorn Medicine Wheel on Insight Timer

Movie: The Shift - Wayne Dyer

Book: You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

Book: Ask and It Is Given - Esther and Jerry Hicks

Book: Light is the New Black - Rebecca Campbell

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