How to Increase Your Intuition Through Your Diet


Did you ever wonder how you to increase your intuition and get clearer intuitive messages? 

Did you ever think food could have something to do with it?

Sounds crazy?

Well think again.

Everything is connected (I’m sure you know that).

And your intuition often uses your body to send messages, especially if you are clairsentient (Find out if you are HERE)

But even if you aren't, chances are your diet can very much be the reason why you may be out of touch with your intuition.

So it makes sense that the food we eat and our diet can have a direct impact on our intuition, no?

Choosing what you eat wisely can help you reconnect to your intuition and here are a few tips on how to make that happen: 

1. increase plantbased sources of protein 

Sometimes we tend to not take action on what our intuition is telling us simply because we lack energy. Yup. We feel lazy and it's just easier not to deal with it.

A simple way to increase your energy levels is to eat more plantbased source of protein for long lasting fuel.

Think nuts, nut butters and legumes. Try to vary your sources and carry some with you in case you need a healthy snack option. A spoon of almond butter or a handful of almonds will always be a healthy and filling snack that will give you energy! 

When your energy levels are up, you will feel much less lazy and make wiser choices with your time! That included following your gut instinct and acting on what your intuition has been trying to tell you to do.

2. Eat more organic veggies

 Here's something very simple: to access your intuition, you must be grounded.

That means being in touch with: 1. your body and 2. the earth.

Ok, maybe you don't have time to go outside and lie down in nature every day. And maybe there isn't much nature around you.

But you probably have access to veggies right?

And eating veggies straight from the ground are an easy way for you and your body to be fueled by and tap into that grounded energy.

And yes, organic is always better because there is less pesticides used in organic agriculture. Less pesticides, means richer soil, means more of the real deal in terms of earth and grounding energy.


3. Cut down caffeine

Caffeine boosts your energy levels.

Yes, but then you crash.

So it's not a stable long lasting type of energy

Also, caffeine can overstimulate your nervous system especially if you are sensitive to that.

Intuition comes in subtle cues and, if your system is pumped up by caffeine, you could miss that. And more easily lose touch with your intuition.


4. Ditch sugar, processed foods and bad carbs

What sugar, processed foods and bad carbs have in common is that they don't offer any nutritients, they are empty calories and are linked to inflammation in the body.

More inflammation in the body is linked to all kinds of not so fun stuff: feeling heavy, digestion issues and feeling bloated, and all kinds of diseases too...

All this makes your body well not very happy, and not very cooperative.

Yes, your body will let you know if you aren't nourishing it well!! Sometimes it reacts right away, sometimes it takes time. 

But it pretty much always makes you lose touch with it. And disconnects you from your intuition.


 5. If you do eat animal products, be mindful!

 I personally choose not to eat animal products. But it is your choice!

 Obviously, there are many health & environmental reasons to limit your intake of animal products.

Did you ever think that accessing your superpower was one of them?

Maybe not, and I hate to break it to you but it kind of is linked.

No need to go completely vegan (just yet ;) ), just be mindful of where the animal products you consume come from and try to choose wisely: organic, grass fed and all that!

And also, try to limit your intake, of course!


6. Choose alkalizing foods and healthy habits

  • lemon juice, celery juice, green juice

  • fruits and veggies

  • herbal tea

  • reduce stress

  • get enough sleep

  • exercise

  • etc.

 Yes, I know, you’ve probably heard all of this before.

But just a reminder that it will help keep your body healthy, prevent inflammation and disease and help you be more in tune with your body and in turn your intuition. 

It's a win win win situation!


Bottom line:

If you are making healthy choices for health reasons, you are probably also increasing your intuitive abilities.

And if you want to access your intuition so that you can use it to improve your life, relationships and career, then you may have to improve your diet.

I guess everything IS connected!

How cool is that?



Until next time my loves,


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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