7 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams Using Your Intuition


1. Get clear

Getting clear on what you want to call into your life is really the foundation to everything else. If you are not clear on what you desire, how can you really manifest it? The signals you will be putting out into the Universe might be blurry or confused and that may be the reason your manifestations are not coming through. So the first step here is to really find clarity. You can do this through meditation and journaling, take some time to define your intentions and goals


2. Step in your true authenticity

Being in your truth and in your authenticity is crucial for you to become magnetic. Only when you are fully in your true authenticity can you become an energetic match for all that your heart desires. This process involves getting real with yourself, digging deep and really being aware of what is yours (desires, beliefs, doubts) and what was put in you while growing up, through your education, society etc. This is conditioning in a broad sense and we were pretty much all conditioned to believe or fear certain things and think we want certain things that are actually not really ours. 


3. Release your blocks on a subconscious level

We all have subconscious blocks that were created by society, our education, our families etc. This is not about blaming anyone, remember your parents did the best they could according to what they knew! But deep down, we all have these blocks, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. This is what holds us back from the life we want, from manifesting our deepest desires. It is absolutely necessary to first be aware of those and then do the work to release them and reprogram your subconscious. 


4. Connect to your intuition and let it guide you

When it comes to manifesting, I feel that too often it is done with force and is all about pushing, pretending etc. There is a key component missing! And that is the role of intuition in calling in your desires. How? Well intuition will give you hints to point you in the direction of what you want. You must listen to those hints. Using the mind as a strategy to manifest doesn’t cut it! The mind is not meant to be our guide. Our mind is meant to be our tool! Intuition is our guide. And intuition works differently for everyone.

How can you understand your intuition better so that you can use it to make intuitive decisions and manifest your desires? 

  • Take the quiz to understand your intuitive type

  • Learn about your Human Design, especially your inner authority (I will talk more about Human Design in future articles and I am already starting to use it in my work).

    Human Design is all about coming back to intuitive decision-making and not using the mind (which has been conditioned). There are 8 different decisions making styles which are the inner-authority. Look yours up here or here

5. Allow yourself to receive

Sometimes we can block ourselves from receiving what we want. By thinking we don’t deserve it for example. Make space to receive, and allow yourself to receive, by opening up, clearing energy and letting go of what doesn’t serve you/is blocking you.

Practice self-love and work on building your self-confidence.


6. Detach from the outcome

Don’t hold on to a specific idea of how things should happen because it is so limiting. Instead, keep an open mind and heart as to how things can manifest and show up in your life.


7. Let go & trust 

Lastly, practice surrender. Let go and trust in the universe, trust in the process, and trust in yourself and your intuition. You are always guided, whether you notice it or not. When things get hard, when you hit a rock bottom, remember that it may just mean that something wasn’t meant for you and that something much better is coming your way. Don’t lose hope, it is all coming.

If you want to dive into any of this and do the work to start manifesting your desires, I am here for you!

Are you ready?