How to Love Yourself on a Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Level

In a previous article, I have already touched on the topic of our 4 bodies and today I wanted to take this approach and apply it to self love.

Because I feel self love is more than just self care and is really about accepting yourself on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

It is really by digging deep and doing this work that you can build a stronger and more loving relationship with yourself and move towards a deeper love and acceptance for yourself.

By doing so, it will reflect on your entire life.

Because everything in your life is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

So how do you build a healthy, strong and loving relationship with yourself?

Physical level

 On the physical level, it is all about taking good care of yourself and connecting with your body.

Learn to listen to your body and its signals. Your body is always communicating with you through feelings and sensations, but you most of the time you may tend to ignore it.

Whether your body is telling you to rest and sleep, to give it more nourishing and healthy foods or that a situation or person doesn’t feel “quite right”, listen, acknowledge and if possible act on that.

Here, you choose to take care of yourself / your body as you would with a child

by allowing yourself to:

  • get enough sleep,

  • eat a healthy diet and nourish your body,

  • exercise,

  • be mindful of who and what you spend time on,

  • and allow yourself to have a healthy amount of rest and play  

Try to practice tuning into your body, listening to its signals and doing your best to act accordingly.

Your body is a vessel and if you treat it with respect and take good care of it, it will give that back to you by giving you the energy you need and allowing you to be healthy and thriving!  

Emotional level

On the emotional level, the important work here is to:

  • accept pain, darkness, moments of doubts that you experience - they won't go away even if you love yourself;

  • get really honest with yourself about how you feel, whatever the feelings, without judging or labeling them as good or bad;

  • forgive yourself for your past;

  • embrace all emotions and know that they come and go and that they are all temporary.

It is completely ok, for you to go through difficult times and feel painful emotions, that we usually label as “negative”.

It is part of the human experience and the duality that goes with it. You can’t be happy all the time. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows.

And it is much healthier for you and for your growth to face what’s going on inside

To be with it, sit with it for a while

To let it out in healthy ways (journaling, creating, movement etc.)

Than to push it under the rug, to pretend it’s all fine and to brush it off.


Mental level

On the mental level, the core work for you is to:

  • watch your thoughts and know you are not them;

  • know that your mind is a tool and that you can choose your thoughts to be more loving and supportive;

  • train your mind to stop judging yourself, to stop focusing on what you think is wrong with you or lacking, to stop the need to always fix yourself and to stop comparing yourself to others;

  • and instead to be grateful for what you have and for your qualities;

  • start meditating (even for just 5-10 min a day). Meditation is a powerful tool that can allow you to see your thoughts, witness them without judging them and to little by little find more stillness in your mind, in the space between your thoughts. 

Spiritual level

So when you move into the spiritual level, you will want to:

  • connect to your heart, to your true self and your intuition and to start living from that space;

  • if you feel called to it connect to a higher source whether you call it god, the universe, life, love, source - it doesn't matter, but learn to trust in it and surrender to it;

  • understand that your soul has chosen to come into your body exactly as it is and has chosen most of your life circumstances for you to learn and to grow - so there is really no reason for you to want to change any of it and that it is a waste of your time to do so.

When you understand this, it is empowering and  that is when you can really start loving and accepting yourself unconditionally.

 I hope this post will be useful!

Love always,



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