The 6 Fundamental Laws of Wellbeing



1. Eat a clean diet

What you put in your body is so important. Healthy, organic, unprocessed food has the best value. Try to limit foods that may cause inflammation (greasy, processed, white flour, sugar etc.) and makes your body's PH acidic as this can cause diseases.

But how you eat is also very important. Try to eat as slowly and mindfullyas possible, and chew all your food very well. This is essential for a good digestion and can also help you eat less and loose weight.

2. Keep your body moving

Be active throughout your day : walk more, do yoga and other activities you enjoy. Make this a habit and you will feel so invigorated, alive and have a lot more energy.

3. Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is vital for your wellbeing. When you don't sleep enough you are usually cranky, nervous and stressed.

To sleep better you can drink herbal tea before going to bed, eat earlier and lighter suppers and use lavender oil (on your wrists, the crease of your elbow and on your forehead) which is very relaxing. Try to make your bedroom as dark as possible and the earlier you go to bed the better quality your sleep will be.

4. Stress less

Stress is the worst thing for your health and in your life. Try to reduce stress by eliminating the things that drain you in your life and at work. Eating well, sleeping enough, exercising and meditation can greatly help you deal with your stress.

5. Meditate everyday

Meditation is a great way to help calm and clear your mind and it has huge health and mental benefits. So try to make this a daily practice (and don't only keep it for when times are hard).

Meditating 10 mins a day is a great start. Then you can try to meditate 20 minutes everyday, that is even better. It really is worth it to take a little time everyday to pause everything, sit in stillness and concentrate on your breath.

6. Nourish your soul

Whether you put aside a moment everyday to read a book, write in your journal, do something that makes you genuinely happy, practice any form of self growth, it is a great way to be more connected to your inner self and aligned with what you want and value in life. This will help you become a happier person.

Love always,