How the Moon Can Influence Your Life (& Your Period)


We humans have always been fascinated by the moon and how it changes. But nowadays most of us do not pay much attention to it and how it affects us.

If one of our goals is to live more in harmony with nature, it might be good to pay more attention to the moon and its effects on us.

The moon in its different phases can influence our sleep, it can help us detoxify our bodies, it is linked to the growth of our hair and nails and has a an impact on our moods. We usually notice changes only when it's the full moon because we might be more agitated and our sleep can also suffer. But here are a few things you might want to know to help you in your daily life.

Moon Phases



  1. New moon

  2. Waxing Crescent

  3. First Quarter

  4. Waxing Gibbous

  5. Full Moon

  6. Waning Gibbous

  7. Third Quarter

  8. Waning Crescent


How the moon phases can influence your life

The New Moon marks the time for new beginnings and growth. It is the time where our energy is at its lowest. It is a good day to do a lemon and water only cleanse (from sun-up until the next morning) to help your body get rid of all the toxins and start anew.

The New Moon and the Waxing Moon  (when the moon is shaped like a D) is a great time to start new projects and let them flourish, to meet new people, start new relationships, arrange for a job interview and bring new things into your life. During this time, our bodies regain strength and energy. It is usually a good time to catch up on sleep and to start vitamin cures for example.

The Full Moon is a time associated with power, it is the time where we are at our highest energy level. It is a good time to save energy and not use it to eat to much foods, but to do a liquid cleanse instead.

The Full Moon and the Waning Moon (when the moon is shaped like a C) is an excellent time to overcome obstacles, to clear negative energies and thoughts. It is an ideal time to make some positive changes in your life, like getting rid of things that you don't need and no longer serve you or breaking a bad habit. Since our bodies are in an elimination process it is a good time to start a detox, lose weight, but it is usually not the best time to catch up on sleep.


The moon's influence on the menstrual cycle

If you follow your menstrual cycle, you might have noticed your periods tend to align more with the New/Waning Moon or with the Waxing/Full Moon. Since the New Moon is associated with reflective times, inward focusing and introspection, it is often thought that periods should align with the New Moon. But, of course, every body is different and every woman is different. There are different interpretations on why periods align with the New Moon or the Full Moon.

If your periods align with the New or Waning Moon, your body follows the "White Moon Cycle" and you are more fertile during the Waxing or Full Moon. This cycle is often associated with motherhood and fertility. It might be that you and your body are ready (or will soon be ready) to become a mother, or that you are focused on helping others, on empathy and on being supportive and loving to others.

If your periods align with the Waxing or Full Moon, your body follows the "Red Moon Cycle" and it is more fertile during the New or Waning Moon. Since the Full Moon is seen as a time to be more social, outgoing and creative, and tends to be less prone to inner reflection, some might think that this cycle is out of balance because bleeding occurs during or around the Full Moon. But this cycle used to be associated with shamanism and healers in ancient times. Women with the Red Moon Cycle are usually not ready to have children just yet, do not want children (maybe because they have already gone through menopause) and are more focused on self-exploration, self-expression, self-growth and creativity.

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Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash