Understanding and Healing our Four Bodies (Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions)


I have always been very drawn to holistic health. To me, focusing on healing just one part of who we are makes no sense for a long term recovery, as it is a way of covering the symptoms instead of searching for the underlying causes . That is the reason I decided to study holistic health coaching.

The key to holistic healing is to consider a person as a whole - body, mind, emotions and spirit. Our wellbeing, our general health depends not only on the physical, which is only one part of it, but also on our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

If we learn to get in touch with all four of our facets, we can begin to clear blocks we didn't know we had, heal past wounds and see our overall health improve.


1. Spiritual Body

Our spiritual body is our connection to something bigger. Whether you choose to call it the Universe / God / Source / Higher Self / Love / Life etc. really doesn’t matter and would be missing the point! It is our ability to receive guidance and to surrender to something bigger than ourselves. A lot of people do not understand this and might not even acknowledge it. This aspect is not really about religion or cultural beliefs, rather about our oneness, the fact that we are all connected. This is our true essence.

Our spiritual body contains energy that it transmits to our mental body. When we are in touch with our spirituality, when our spiritual self is balanced, we tend to be calm, to not give into our fears, we feel the presence of love everywhere and trust in our higher power. We can manifest everything we need in life effortlessly.

The spiritual self is never really hurt or wounded, it is not out of balance, rather it is us that are out of alignment with it, and by being disconnected to our spirituality, we often create mental blocks(that keep the energy from flowing from the spirit to the mind).

Here's what we can do to reconnect to our essence, to the power of the Universe:

  • Practice meditation daily;

  • Work with energy clearing : Reiki, acupuncture etc.;

  • Practice mindfulness;

  • Pray ;

  • Deep breathing at all times to help us reconnect;

  • Practice gratitude;

  • Humble the mind to the breath;

  • Understand that we are all one not and release all illusion of separation; comparing, judging, feeling better or less than anyone else;

  • Know that everything that comes our way is meant to be, is a lesson for us to learn.


2. Mental Body

Our mental self is formed of thoughts as well as beliefs, desires, values, goals and opinions. It is how we process information, how we learn and focus.

This mental body is formed of two parts : our little or ego based mind and our divine mind. The egoic mind is meant to be a tool that we can use in our favor to create our own beautiful reality (setting intentions, goals, planning,..) . We are meant to turn it on only when we need it and then back off to live from a place of presence in the divine mind. However, this concept has been lost and we now mostly operate from our ego based mind, which is always on and has become an incessant chatter, exhausting and loud.

When our mental self is clear and stable, when we are at peace in a state of Being, and in alignment with our divine mind, the mental body can receive the energy from the spiritual body and use it to the fullest, before it creates any form of thought.

However when we only operate from our egoic mind, letting our thoughts rule our lives, over planning, over thinking, staying stuck in past memories or in our own opinions, then we are creating mental blocks.

What we can do to heal our mental body and clear mental blocks :

  • Meditate (think of meditation as the path between the spiritual and the mental body - we need a clear mind to receive energy from our spiritual body);

  • Repeat affirmations;

  • Read, listen to inspirational podcasts, continue learning and expanding our mind;

  • Eliminate stress triggers.


3. Emotional Body

The emotional body is the sum of all our emotional experiences. It is our nervous system, hormones, touch, water absorption and release (tears).

It is where we hold our hurtful experiences and the attached emotions and feelings like anger, sadness, jealousy, fear, guilt, resentment, shame etc.. These are stored like memories in the subconscious and unconscious mind and can become emotional blocks.

Our deep wounds will typically be located at this level, in our emotional body. If we aren't aware of these emotional wounds and have not yet healed them, the negative energies they emit will influence our lives and drag us down, making us prisoners of our emotions.

Since energy flows from the mental to the emotional body, it can be blocked by emotional wounds from the past, creating anxiety, stress, more anger and all this can also impact our physical body.

Sometimes, when we react in a way we are not used to, that doesn't seem like us, the reactions are due to these emotional blocks that lie within us. We are often brought to situations and people that will trigger something inside us, and open up those wounds again. This can be very painful, but it is our chance to face these wounds and to heal them.

The emotional body also stores positive feelings like abundance, love, freedom, joy etc. When we heal our emotional wounds we are then free to enter a state of joy and love.

What helps to heal our emotional body:

  • Journaling: write about past experiences, childhood, and the feelings that come up;

  • Practice forgiving ourselves and others;

  • Practice gratitude;

  • Deepen our connection to others, seek to love rather than being loved, listen rather than seeking to be heard. Our presence and attention are the most precious gifts we can give to others.


4. Physical Body

Our physical body is the only tangible body of the four. It represents our physical experience in this lifetime and it is through it that our spirituality, emotions and thoughts flow. Therefore the physical body, is a good indicator of how things are going in all areas of our life and at each level of our selves (spiritual - mental - emotional).

If we listen to our body, it will tell us if something is right or wrong. Our physical body is affected either in a positive or in a negative way by what directly goes into it (food, exercise…) but also by our thoughts and our emotions.

A balanced physical body is open, flexible, balanced, full of vitality, has all the vitamins and minerals it needs, functions well, is free of pain, is not acidic and is free of toxicity.

What we can do to take care of our physical body:

  • Make sure to have a good night sleep every night;

  • Massages;

  • Exercise (running, yoga,…);

  • Eat healthy organic foods;

  • Spend time in nature ;

  • Walk barefoot;

  • Learn to listen to our body, get to know it and its signs.

I hope this will be useful to you in some way or another.

Love always,


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