Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration Now


What is your ''vibration''?

There are many times in our daily lives when we feel affected by the energy of our surroundings. It can be a great positive vibe or a weird feeling we can't shake.

These examples actually show us that everything is composed of energy that vibrates at different frequencies even when we might not be aware of it.

This includes animals, plants, objects and of course all of us. Yes, every single human being is much more than his/her physical body.

We all have different levels of energies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and this energy varies all the time both in its quantity and in its quality.

So our vibration is our own (personal) energy frequency and it reflects our overall state of being. It reflects directly what thoughts we have, how we feel, and how we treat ourself and others. It is particularly important because 'what we give out we get back', meaning we attract into our life the same vibration we vibrate at. For example, a high vibration attracts positive experiences, people and feelings (abundance, love, joy,…).


When your vibration is low…

-Your limiting beliefs keep you from living an abundant happy life;

-Your energy feels heavy;

-You are not connected to your higher self, your soul, and are letting your ego control your life;

-You often experience negative feelings like anger, jealousy, lack of self-love, fear, blame, guilt, judgement, shame,…


When your vibration is high…

-You are in alignment with your higher self;

-You attract positive, loving and supportive people into your life;

-You wake up and jump out of bed with excitement;

-You are vibrantly healthy;

-You attract unlimited financial prosperity;

-You feel at ease and go with the flow;

-You are your healthiest and strongest self;

-You have good relationships and are surrounded by loving people;

-Your life is filled with laughter and joy, you simply feel happy all the time.


Before we continue, I would like to say that raising your vibration doens't mean ignoring your feelings and pretending to be happy all the time. It is absolutely normal to have a lower vibration from time to time. We should never judge ourselves for that and always honour how we feel. The goal of raising your vibration is to be a matching energy for all the good you want to attract in your life. So instead of chasing a goal that would bring us joy and happiness when we are vibrating at a lower vibration, we first raise our vibration and then attract what we want naturally.

So I doubt that any of us would like to stay in that low state of energy constantly, especially when there are so many ways to actively work on having a higher vibration.


Here are just a few of the many ways to do so:

-Meditate to learn how to disidentify from your thoughts and connect to your higher self.

-Smile more often, to yourself and to others.

-Repeat positive affirmations daily (see this post:…).

-Eat mindfully and give up emotional eating. Eat only when you feel physically hungry.

-Exercise and stay active.

-Take cold showers.

-Stop watching TV and spend less time on your electronic devices and on social media.

-Practice gratitude and regularly ask yourself 'what am I grateful for right now?'.

-Breathe deeply.

-Get lots of sleep.

-Make peace with your past and let go of it. Forgive yourself and all those who have hurt you.

-Drink lots of water.

-Spend time in nature.

-Dedicate some time to self-growth everyday.

-Choose your food wisely: the more organic and unprocessed the higher the vibration.

-Give up judging, criticizing yourself and others.

-Find your drainers(spend less time with negative people, declutter,…).

-Send love, light and happiness to people you encounter.

-Give more genuine compliments.

-Do random acts of kindness.



Remember that every positive step you take each day is MORE than enough. You can't change everything overnight but starting with any little step is perfect.

Love always,