The Akashic Records are the archives of every soul. They hold everything from the past (from this life and past lives), present as well as future possibilities (not predictions - you can still impact your future based on free will). Every thought, experience, emotion from every person's soul.

They are like having a Google search for your soul.

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Option 1

Regular session

We start the session with a meditation to ground ourselves before opening your Records. Once your Records are open, you can ask any question you want (aim for open questions rather than yes/no questions).

These sessions are done via Zoom and last 45-60 minutes. You can usually ask around 5-7 questions. I can record the session if you wish.

Price is $111.

Option 2

Mini Distance Reading

You ask 2-3 questions (open questions are better than yes/no questions).

I open your Records and ask your questions on your behalf. I then record the messages and downloads and send them to you.

It’s easy, simple and doesn’t require any of your time.

This option is only $55.


The Akashic Records are recorded not in the physical realm but in an energetic realm, another dimension of consciousness that I access through a prayer. The energetic vibration of the words pronounced during the prayer form a light grid that enables me to access your Akashic Records and ask any questions you may have.