Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Heart Centered Life Coaching

My Story


Have you ever felt like the spectator of your own life, living on auto-pilot?

Have you ever felt stuck or lost, not knowing what you wanted or where you were going?


If so, then we have a lot in common.


I had a time in my life where everything felt out of alignment, like I wasn't living for me or doing anything that my heart truly desired.


As a result, I felt lost in my life, pursuing people and things that I thought I wanted, but didn't actually light me up from the inside. I was seeking something, anything, to make me feel better, to make me feel whole.


I cannot tell you I went through an overnight miracle transformation, because I'm not even sure those exist.


I will tell you however that I did a lot of work, inner work, I read a lot of books, listened to podcasts, started yoga and meditation and daily rituals, journaled, I got out of my comfort zone and finally did something I longed for and traveled.


And during that time a lot shifted. But still, I was looking outside of myself for the answer, for my purpose, for love, for life, for peace, for freedom..


After a lot of hurt, a lot of tears, I made the life changing decision to invest in myself, to ask for outside help to do the inner deeper work. I knew I had deep blocks and fears that were holding me back, I knew I had past wounds to witness, sit with and accept in order to start the healing process. I knew that I was playing small in my life and was finally ready to start stepping into my power, into my truth - even if it started with just a few baby steps.


And that, my friends, that is when the real transformation started to happen.


Now, I understand that all I need is within me, I know that I will still go through the ups and downs of life, the waves as I like to call them, feel all ranges of emotions from anger and fear, hopelessness and profound sadness, to joy and bliss, freedom and excitement, and love. That I will feel them all and that's okay.


I am still doing the inner work, I am still on my journey, but I know that all that I will ever need is inside of me, I know to let my heart lead, but still listen to my head, I know where I need to focus more attention on and most importantly, I am getting to know myself more and more.


And my goal is to help you on your journey back to yourself too. Because that is when you will start seeing the real transformation occur in all areas of your life.




Sarah holds a Master of Law from the University of Geneva.

Her love of holistic health and her desire to help others then led her to study at the world's largest nutrition school, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where she received her certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

Her education has allowed her to learn a wide range of innovative coaching methods and personal development techniques along with many dietary theories from some of the top health and wellness experts.






My approach to coaching


My coaching is for those who feel a bit lost sometimes, who feel like they are disconnected from themselves. My coaching is for those who want to take control of their life and their health, step into their power, reconnect to their truth, access their strengths and gifts. It is for those who know, deep down, that there is more to life than living on auto-pilot and feeling like a spectator. 


For me, health is not limited to what you eat and how much you exercise. Although that is crucial, my goal is to help you start on the inside. Because when you go deep, you start the journey to reconnect to your intuition, your inner guidance and your heart, which then allows you to reconnect to your body, to listen to what it needs. When you love and accept yourself, you will make the best choices for yourself and nourish & move your body from a place of love.


I will not focus on the external layers, but help you dive deep into your emotions, thoughts and touch the root causes of what tends to manifest on the outside (physical issues and eating habits). My ultimate goal is to help you live with purpose and intention and create the life you deeply desire to live, the life you are meant to live, a life you love.


I am on a mission to help you create the most balanced, fulfilling, magical & purposeful life.


Are you ready to start your transformation?

I would be thrilled and honored to help you on your journey!