Sarah Lewis

5 Week Program for YOU to Intuitively Manifest Your Desires


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Why you should join

Is there something you want to call into your life?

Maybe it’s:


a soul-aligned career,


or anything really!

Have you already tried all the things, read all the books on the Law of Attraction, repeated the affirmations, visualized, acted as if it was already there etc.

But still nothing?

Welcome to the club!

I’ve been there, done that and manifested zero, nothing, nada!

How freaking frustrating is that?

Trust me I know.

But what I also know, is that manifestation should actually be more effortless than an endless to-do list of things, it should flow and the process of calling in your desires should be led by your intuition!

So that’s why I call this intuitive manifestation.

It’s not about force. It’s not about doing all the things. It’s not about pushing. And it’s for sure not BS.

This is what works for me. And I want to share it with you.

In this 5-week coaching program!

5-weeks to:

  1. get clear on what your heart truly desires and break it down into manageable steps;

  2. really dive in deep, look at the beliefs that are ingrained in your subconscious mind, release the blocks and reprogram the conditioning so that you can stop standing in your own way;

  3. become an energetic match to what you desire, to become magnetic by being authentic and standing in your truth, your power and building your self-confidence;

  4. strengthen your intuition muscle so that you can let it show you the way and trust that it is always guiding you towards what you desire and deserve;

  5. practice surrender, let go of the outcome and trust in yourself, in the process and in the Universe.

Your investment is $450 for 5 weeks

This Program includes

+ Weekly emails with the topic we will focus on that week:

  • video/text content

  • exercises & tools for you to practice calling in your manifestations

+ 2 hours of 1:1 coaching with me

+ Recording of your 1:1 sessions